This is a fantage blog of course! theres some cheats too!

New Fantage Mobile App!

New Fantage Mobile App!

Hey guys! Have you checked out the new app Wild Runner yet?
If not, get it avalible for Iphones, iPads, and iPod touches! Its a real easy way to earn stars for your fantage account! And you also win “hats” for fantage.

Cant figure out how to transfer stars?
Its easy go to the home screen on the app, press the right bottom button, once your there press the “Transfer” button at the top left corner, then log in and type the ammount of stars u want to transfer!

Want to earn stars faster?
Go to the home screen on the app, and press the star button and watch videos to earn free 20 stars.

This app is pretty much ad supported. Check out the other apps on your appstore just search “fantage”

Thanks have a great day!


Fantage Halloween

What do you know? Fantage halloween is here and its better than ever! Try out the new games, prizes, and limited items!

Yea like that? Well all the limited items are for non members sadly. Oh yeah I lost my membership.
Mini games are Pumpkin Carving, and some others. I haven’t really been on that much but ill try more.

Hiya guys its time for the yearly Fantage Camp! Lets compare from last years to this years! Guess what? You can catch fish! But you have to buy canoe costume! yup those are the costumes and the prizes you win!
Lets compare last years limited items to this years! that was last years that is this years!
As you probably know you can roast marshmallows! Just like last years! And non members aren’t you glad fantage has decided to put limited items for you to? You have to make sure you get it GOLDEN brown. Not DARK brown. And if u get it on fire you know you’re done. Btw you get one star when you roast it PERFECT! wow a lot of stars right! Also u can do scavenger hunts! Well that’s all for now bye guys! Oh any ideas for pages?

OMG Ahoy Fantage Event!

Hey guysss! Sorry once again for delay in posts but hey its cause of Art Camp! Its really fun! But its over now :p too bad.. btw there’s a new event Called Ahoy Fantage! They have a cruise ship now! And if you wear a swimsuit you can get in the water in DownTown and Uptown and deerr the Beach babe! How many of you guys have been to the beach this summer?! Some of my friends haven’t even been to the beach ONCE in their life! Anyways you can get limited items! (Like any other event) and you can be A Waiter and Waitress! But those costumes are only for Members sorry! I don’t even have one! I usually get my limited items after I get my monthly 5000 ecoins and stars! (Monthly allowances are only for members (I think))
I’m trying to reach 100 views! Not a lot but whatever! Its only 3 blog views away! And I’m sick of people on fantage being stupid and saying I don’t have a blog apparently only AWESOME people visit my blog! I’m also thinking of making a blog? And than a allaboutcats one? Tell me what u think! That is if your awesome enough! Btw I watched the last hour of the Teenage Choice Awards! Too bad One Direction wasn’t there! I ❤ zayn! Hes awesome! But I'm only ten lol… btw if Justin Bieber asked you out what would you say? I would say sorry you're not really my type but I love your songs! NOTE: Don't just date someone cause their popular! You have to really love that person! Thanks! ~~~~ Lïly<3

Pet Playtime event

They have a new Holiday pet named Rosie! And also on this event you can buy previous limited pets! Basically this event is all about pets… I’m not sure if its over yet though… because I haven’t been on because I have Art Camp from 1:30-4:30 for the next few days so after that I’m gonna be on a roll! :mrgreen: well you can buy limited items too and There’s NEW rare items that are basically based on all the holiday pets! They have new pet-locket items for Frosties and Ribbons! I have the Robo Pet-Locked item its like a sash handbag! But I bought Robo with Ecoins so I don’t have abunch of pets.. I don’t stay onto my pets… lol well remember if u wanna post just send a request.. ~~~~Lily★


Woo no posting today what an achievement! Lol jk sorry umm well ill tell you something weird my 13 year old dog btw shes deaf, came up the stairs (which is unusual for her at night) and went to my room and wanted to sleep on my bed with me! Sheesh its been what 2 years since shes slept with me!? Shes so sweet her name is Ling but her husband Mooshu is in Doggie Heaven.. I hope hes having fun.. I wonder what its like in heaven but no one will ever know.. because the dead cant tell living souls what its like… (NOTE TO CHRISTIANS: I’m noooott a Christian okay!? Please don’t be offended people just have different beliefs, that’s all) oh and when I said Mooshu was her husband I meant they had puppies lol. Well sweet dreams lovies. :mrgreen: PS check out my Quotev profile if u have one follow me please?

Don’t we all LOVE Nickelodeon channels? Well that may come to an END! Viacom or something Wants you to pay 30% MORE FOR YOUR CHANNELS! Sucks huh? They even put these Commercials saying: NO MORE SPONGEBOB, NO MORE iCarly, NO MORE VICTORIOUS! 😥 And that means other shows like Winx Club, Kung-Fu Panda, Dora, I MEAN SERIOUSLY!? We don’t even get to watch the ending of Winx Club! SO TELL YOUR PARENTS OR IF YOUR OVER 18 YEARS OLD CALL THIS NUMBER!: 1-800-531-5000 please I’m begging you! HOW COULD DIRECTV DO THIS TO US! (Its actually Viacom) BUT CALL THE NUMBER! AND DEMAND THAT DIRECTV LETS US KEEP SPONGEBOB AND NICKELODEON PROGRAMS THAT ALSO INCLUDES NICKJR and Nick..


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