This is a fantage blog of course! theres some cheats too!

Cheat! at Lucky Bobs!

Well guys today is the last day of “Pop Stars” in fantage. Ill post some other stuff about it later but this one is about how I got the stars for my costume and limited items… Lucky Bobs go on Monday and sell the clothes you don’t want and if u want tons of stars sell limited items, rare items, luxury items.
And here’s a cheat! Sell pet items their luxury aren’t they? Well u get a bunch of money every time u sell a pet item, STEPZ: 1. Sell ALL your pet items. 2. Go back to the pet thingy where u get pet items and get them all back. 3. Repeat.

Thank you, lily6253


Comments on: "Cheat! at Lucky Bobs!" (2)

  1. tHanks a BUNCH this reeeaaalllyy helped!! 😛

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