This is a fantage blog of course! theres some cheats too!

Fantage Blackout Event 2012!

So yesturday was the First day of Fantage Blackout Week! As you’ve probably noticed its nighttime and all the lights are out! To get your own “Fantage Blackout Event 2012 Medal” you have to follow the steps to get it by going to your Stampbook! First u have to play both of the games. Next perticipate in “Light it Up!” (Which means buy a costume and light at least ONE candle (will have more info on that on next post!). Then watch the Event Movie! Then VOILA ur own medal!

When you move your mouse around fantage you’ll notice how it has a faint light around it, that’s apparently to help you see there is also another around your Fantage Character.
INFO ON GAMES: The first one I forgot what its called but you have to rescue people at first you’ll see it shows a little maze that is quite easy but THEN the lights go out u have to memorize the maze then click to rescue the person. BUT WATCH OUT: If you run into something you will automaticly go to the beggining! It gets harder and harder after you have safely GOT to the person carefully bring them to the shop they own! ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT! Game #2: Where is Everyone?: You’ll simply move around your mouse or “flashlight” to find a fantage person hiding behind something. You’ll probably see a body part. Then click the body part and voila! Juvenal got that person!

Nothing will stop me even if this blog isn’t a big hit ill make it, Author Lily6253


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