This is a fantage blog of course! theres some cheats too!

Light it up Candle Locations

Hello guys! Its lily6253 here once again! 😉 well here are TODAYZ candle locations! (they’re not the same everytime)


Outside of Star Cafe

Inside Le Shop

Inside Board Shop

Next to Officer R. (UpTown)

Inside Jesters Costumes

Outside of The Palm (Beach)

Outside of Lighthouse to FAR RIGHT (go past bushes)

Near the Mill (PetTown)

Castle Bridge (right)

Outside Castle Realotars (sorry I spelled it wrong)


Inside Super Power shop (UpTown)

Inside Star Cafe

Near Mission Center elevator (DownTown)

Outside Vintage Classics (UpTown)

Inside Vintage Classics

Inside Ottomans

Next to Camel (OasIs)

Next To Rocket Board (CarNIvaL)

Next to Prize Booth (cARniVaL)

Near Boxy Boxes (Mt. FaNTaGe)


Inside Star Cafe

Inside Stellar Salon

Outside Ottomans

Dock (BeaCh)

Outside Castle Realtors on bench to right

Castle Bridge to left

Near Lucky Bob’s (FOreSt)

Outside Fantage School

Next to Photo Booth (CreaTUrE aReA)

Outside Creature ARENA


Outside Top Models (downtown)

Outside IDFone Shop (UptoWn)

Dock (BEACH)

Outside SunBlock (beaCh)



Outside Pet Academy (PetTOwn)

Near Boxy Boxes (Mt.Fantage)

Near Bullseye Tree (Wizard’s Domain)

Forest to the left


Near Super Power shop (UpTown)

Outside lighthouse to right

Oasis near Well

Near arcade (Carnival)

Near Go-Kart (CaRNivaL)

To left of Comet & Co. (Mt fantage)

Infront of Comet & Co.

Next to Tabitha (WizaRds DomaIN)

Next to Grotto (foreSt)

Near the pond (creaTURe AreA)

Thanks! 😯


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