This is a fantage blog of course! theres some cheats too!


Woo no posting today what an achievement! Lol jk sorry umm well ill tell you something weird my 13 year old dog btw shes deaf, came up the stairs (which is unusual for her at night) and went to my room and wanted to sleep on my bed with me! Sheesh its been what 2 years since shes slept with me!? Shes so sweet her name is Ling but her husband Mooshu is in Doggie Heaven.. I hope hes having fun.. I wonder what its like in heaven but no one will ever know.. because the dead cant tell living souls what its like… (NOTE TO CHRISTIANS: I’m noooott a Christian okay!? Please don’t be offended people just have different beliefs, that’s all) oh and when I said Mooshu was her husband I meant they had puppies lol. Well sweet dreams lovies. :mrgreen: PS check out my Quotev profile if u have one follow me please?


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