This is a fantage blog of course! theres some cheats too!

Pet Playtime event

They have a new Holiday pet named Rosie! And also on this event you can buy previous limited pets! Basically this event is all about pets… I’m not sure if its over yet though… because I haven’t been on because I have Art Camp from 1:30-4:30 for the next few days so after that I’m gonna be on a roll! :mrgreen: well you can buy limited items too and There’s NEW rare items that are basically based on all the holiday pets! They have new pet-locket items for Frosties and Ribbons! I have the Robo Pet-Locked item its like a sash handbag! But I bought Robo with Ecoins so I don’t have abunch of pets.. I don’t stay onto my pets… lol well remember if u wanna post just send a request.. ~~~~Lily★


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