This is a fantage blog of course! theres some cheats too!

Hiya guys its time for the yearly Fantage Camp! Lets compare from last years to this years! Guess what? You can catch fish! But you have to buy canoe costume! yup those are the costumes and the prizes you win!
Lets compare last years limited items to this years! that was last years that is this years!
As you probably know you can roast marshmallows! Just like last years! And non members aren’t you glad fantage has decided to put limited items for you to? You have to make sure you get it GOLDEN brown. Not DARK brown. And if u get it on fire you know you’re done. Btw you get one star when you roast it PERFECT! wow a lot of stars right! Also u can do scavenger hunts! Well that’s all for now bye guys! Oh any ideas for pages?


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