This is a fantage blog of course! theres some cheats too!

About ME!

Hey guys! Well here’s an ABOUT ME section of fantagefanzblog!
IN REAL LIFE: I CANT talk to boys I really don’t know why, well I guess if ive known them for 2 years! I’m obsessed with the following: One Direction babe!, Icecream, swimming, soccer, drawing, fantage, rayman origins, and my KFire! I don’t really have any FAVORITE friends but I have WORST friends: LIST OF FRIENDS FROM BEST TO WORST: Brooklyn, Chesney, Jaiden, Reanna, Andrea, Kierra, Aubrey. I also can be really shy at times especcially with boys but once you get to know me I’m loud and funny and a little crazy.
yup that’s me! 😉 ^^ that’s my usually outfit.
and I scream random things down town and sometimes ill be in my hiphop costume and dance and yell JOIN ME YA PARTY POOPERS and then some people dance with me! Me and my friend diggydog danced like that and we gathered a crowd of people!
Ill put up more pages soon! I’m on a roll! XD 😯


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