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DirecTV deletes 26 channels! (debate lol)

OMG Now we have no more Nick channels! That SUX! Its all cause Viacom AND DirecTV.. couldn’t they like said no were not PUTTING UP WITH THIS! Ugh I cant watch SpongeBob! πŸ˜₯ DirecTV SUX! Hey Dish peoples do you have no more Nickelodeon?
Always makes me smile lol we don’t get to watch THAT! ↑↑↑ WAAAA lol What are your thoughts on this situation? What do you think Viacom is doing to us? Do you want the channels back? Are you a Dish User? If so are your channels disappearing to? How do you feel? Answer these questions and give me suggestions on what pages there should be? Too many questions? Am I annoying you? Did I just ask another question? What’s my problem? Whhyy I cant stop! Lol jk there One more? DID YOU THINK THIS PAGE WAS POINTLESS?! lol bbbyyyeee! ~The One And Only Lily6253 baby!

*will update when there’s new activity on DirecTV*


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