This is a fantage blog of course! theres some cheats too!

Raymin Origins help:)

Have you heard of the game Rayman Origins? Its an awesome game and here you can get info on it, help on game, and controls.
So I have the Xbox 360 version of it. You can also get it on Nintendo3ds, PlayStation2, and whatever else there is.

So to move your character use the Left Joystick, To fight use X, to sprint hold down RT.
You can unlock the fighting, springing, diving, wall running, flying, etc. Once you unlock all the fairies.
Those are all the fairies, you unlock them by completing the first level of each world.
After you unlock all the fairies you will automatically get double the levels. Oh and at the end of EACH world, there’s a mosquito one where you have to ride them and to shoot the monsters hit a and to sucked monsters in hit X (after you sucked them in hit A to let them out and they’ll be dead)
Those are what the mosquitoes look like pretty big huh?
here is what the main character Rayman looks like:

And here’s another character there’s anothed one but I couldn’t post him because he had to many versions:


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