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New Fantage Mobile App!

New Fantage Mobile App!

Hey guys! Have you checked out the new app Wild Runner yet?
If not, get it avalible for Iphones, iPads, and iPod touches! Its a real easy way to earn stars for your fantage account! And you also win “hats” for fantage.

Cant figure out how to transfer stars?
Its easy go to the home screen on the app, press the right bottom button, once your there press the “Transfer” button at the top left corner, then log in and type the ammount of stars u want to transfer!

Want to earn stars faster?
Go to the home screen on the app, and press the star button and watch videos to earn free 20 stars.

This app is pretty much ad supported. Check out the other apps on your appstore just search “fantage”

Thanks have a great day!


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